​Hire a rehearsal dinner catering service for events and weddings in Puerto Vallarta. If you want everything to be perfect on your event you should always book a food tasting menu for your rehearsal dinner with our chefs before the event date. Try how the flavors suit the occasion and figure if there is anything you need to modify. Our catering services are made with the highest quality on ingredients and following the strictest health guidelines.

Option #1

Spinach salad and port poached apples: with walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, bacon and limoncello vinaigrette.


Tuna tartare and tomato gazpachito: coupled with capers, shallots, scallions, ginger, and basil air.


Shrimp cream with anis scented: with custard peppers, chili oil with flashes of mozzarella cheese.


Short rib with essence of cocoa: short rib with a soft cooking 8 hours accompanied by mashed potatoes, scented white truffle sauce and fresh thyme.


Coffee creme brulee: with eggnog ice cream.

Option #2

Lobster coquille: with stewed spinach au gratin and chipotle air.


Tuna tartare with capers: with scallion, avocado. gazpacho tomato and jamaica flower air.


Watercress salad with smoked dorado: with vanilla and mint essence.


Marinated robalo in miso: baked with fresh herbs, coriander polenta and creamy white wine sauce.


Salmon in grain mustard crust: panko and parsley, with portobello mushroom and anaheim chili sauce.


Banana and apple strudel: with coffee ice cream.

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