2 course menu catering service for weddings and events in Puerto Vallarta. A small 2 course menu consisting of an entrée like a salad and a strong main course is perfect for fast dinners where time is priority for the sake complying with the limited event schedule. Our catering services are made with the highest quality on ingredients and following the strictest health guidelines.

Option #1

Passion salad with strawberries, lettuce, and apples au wine: with a touch of passion fruit vinaigrette.


Chicken breast provenese medallions: coupled with baby vegetables, fresh mashed potatoes with an amazing white truffle essence and a delicious tomato sauce.

Option #2

Exquisite roasted peppers cream with basil: coupled with spinach flan and a hot peppers essence.


Marinated chicken breast with fresh herbs: served with vegetable ratatouille, spinach with cheese sauce and fresh mashed potatoes.

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